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Diversity & Inclusion

January 21, 2020  |  JUST Capital

The January Quarterly JUST Call: Talking Environmental Sustainability with HPE

On January 31st, we’re proud to host our 3rd Quarterly JUST Call, featuring Antonio Neri, CEO of Hewlett Packard Enterprises.

January 2, 2020  |  The Wall Street Journal

California Law Spurs Companies to Add Female Directors

The number of California-based public companies with all-male boards has fallen sharply since the state passed a law last year requiring them to add female directors by the end of 2019, according to Equilar, a corporate governance-data firm.

Shot of a diverse group of businesspeople standing against a wall

January 2, 2020  |  JUST Capital

5 Ways It Pays to Have a Diverse Workforce

Most of us have a sense that fostering a diverse workforce is the right thing to do, but there’s increasing evidence that it’s good for business as well. How exactly? Here are five proven ways diversity pays off for organizations.

December 17, 2019  |  JUST Capital

The SEC Must Push for Specific Human Capital Disclosure

With the SEC soliciting public comments on its Modernization of Regulation S-K Items 101, 103, and 105, we submitted a comment urging the SEC to implement a final rule that creates a clear structure and framework for human capital disclosure.

December 12, 2019  |  JUST Capital

The State of EEO-1 Disclosure at Russell 1000 Companies, in 3 Charts

Less than half of Russell 1000 companies share workforce demographic data. These charts explain why.

December 11, 2019  |  The Washington Post

Wall Street says it cares about diversity. But most big banks won’t share complete workforce data.

The Washington Post asked the 15 largest U.S. banks to share workforce race and gender data — data they already report to the federal government on a two-page form. Only two shared the full numbers.

Group of paper airplane in one direction and with one individual pointing in the different way, can be used leadership/individuality concepts.( 3d render )

November 21, 2019  |  JUST Capital

5 Striking Takeaways from Our 2020 Rankings Release

Here are some of the most interesting trends we uncovered after tracking, analyzing, and ranking 922 companies from the Russell 1000 across five stakeholder groups, including Workers, Customers, Communities, the Environment, and Shareholders.

Chalk pastel different colors

October 17, 2019  |  JUST Capital

How to Find Out if a Company Really Cares About Diversity

Anybody can put photos of cheerful, diverse employees on a Careers page. A true dedication to diversity goes beyond appearances and anti-discrimination laws.

September 12, 2019  |  JUST Capital

Why We Need Companies to Disclose Pay Gap Numbers Now More Than Ever

It’s up to companies to disclose and reduce their pay gaps. 

July 25, 2019  |  JUST Capital

The Catalytic Power of Transparency in Creating a Diverse Workforce

Intel’s Barbara Whye discusses the company’s journey toward setting and reaching goals around diversity, equity, and inclusion.

February 28, 2019  |  JUST Capital

CEOs: The Black Community Wants You to Be Bold

For Black History Month, we are focusing on and striving to amplify the voices of the Black Americans we’ve engaged with over the last year through our polling.

September 26, 2018  |  JUST Capital

Modeling What We Measure: Pay Equity at JUST Capital

JUST Capital pledges to roll out an Equal Pay Policy.

May 11, 2018  |  JUST Capital

Here’s How 6 Companies Take the Lead Supporting Working Mothers

Most mothers don’t receive the kind of workplace support they need to balance care for their families with bringing their full selves to work.

April 10, 2018  |  JUST Capital

Equal Pay for Women: Why the U.S. Needs to Catch Up on Data Disclosure and Transparency

Just 78 of the 875 largest publicly-traded U.S. companies have conducted pay equity analyses, but 82% of Americans agree that companies should not discriminate in pay. So with the majority of Americans in support of equal pay, who will take the lead on pushing for pay equity?

February 28, 2018  |  JUST Capital

Here’s How 5 Companies Are Fostering Black Leadership

With so few Black Americans in top executive positions today, corporate programs supporting Black employees are essential to helping create more diverse leadership – and potentially greater profits – tomorrow.

Companies should stand up for equal rights

August 2, 2017  |  JUST Capital

If Laws Don’t Protect Against Discrimination Then Companies Should, Majority Of Americans Say

Americans believe that companies should go beyond the laws to protect workers from discrimination.

Women in Science

July 28, 2017  |  JUST Capital

This Data Shows, State by State, How Few Women Hold Jobs in STEM

The U.S. still shows massive discrepancies in the gender ratio in the professional workplace, especially in STEM fields.

March 24, 2017  |  JUST Capital

Who is the Wall Street Bull’s New Opponent and What Does She Have to Say About Board Refreshment?

Putting the pressure on corporations to invite a new set of decision makers to the boardroom table.

Women's March

January 20, 2017  |  JUST Capital

The Women’s March on Washington Reflects Americans’ Shared Economic Priorities

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